Camel skin lamps – a beautiful, romantic and unique art, form lamps made using camel skin – a hereditary art form. Camel skin lamps are renowned world-wide for the intricate handwork done on them by skilled artisans. The skin of camel is made transparent first than hand painted to form this piece of art. The art of decorating a camel’s skin is known as NAQASHI in the local language and is a very valuable skill.
The tedious technique of shaping the Camel Skin Crafts and decorating them with indigenously prepared lacquer colors is an age old tradition. The camel skin is first cleaned to become transparent clear and then stretched on clay moulds of the desired objects to attain the firm shape.The shaped articles are then merrily decorated with high degree of excellence on floral or intermingled geometrical patterns in bright colors.
Decorative chronicles and depictions of Royal Moghal courts, Portraits and miniatures, natural landscapes, royal hunting scenes and animal figures and birds are also transformed in gay colors onto Camel Skin objects with masterly skill to produce impact of realism and impressionism. Durable and Long-Lasting Camel Skin Lamps are very long-lasting, buyers can assure themselves that they can practically last for a lifetime. The camel skin lamps are said to be of service for between fifty to hundred years. The lamps would need varnishing at different points in time so as to maintain their beauty and shine however.